Production and Process Optimization

In Germany, medical engineering and biotechnology is a highly-innovative, fast-growing industry. One of its greatest challenges is to produce sellable products for a market in which costs are rising and health contribution rates constantly declining. Among other things, companies remain competitive if they shape their organizational and processing capabilities in such a way so as to achieve maximum market flexibility through high quality, low throughput times and minimum costs. To ensure the success of this strategy, on top of the aspect of equipment automation, key optimization activities include interoperability of equipment, production and layout planning, order management and the implementation of IT solutions.


Value stream-orientated factory planning

  • Factory planning/expansion
  • Production optimization
  • Assembly planning

Value stream-orientated factory operation

  • Supply chain management and value networks
  • Order management and production management
  • Lean management and IT solutions


  • Optimized factory structures enabled by the application of the proven planning approach of “from the inside to the outside”
  • Integrated design of storage and transport facilities in dependence on optimized production
  • Sustained increase in productivity and customer satisfaction through the optimization of processes in production and in ”non-traditional” value-adding areas
  • Optimized handling of fluctuating levels of incoming orders through appropriate production planning and control concepts
  • Ability of technical and management staff to continuously improve processes and solve problems