• “Smart System Optimization“ at IMTS2018 / 2018

    Analytical tool identifies production errors and their causes in real time

    Press Release August 2018 / 1.8.2018

    With its “Smart System Optimization“, Fraunhofer IPA has developed a tool that identifies errors in interlinked manufacturing systems and shows their root causes. In order to do this, high-performance machine control connectors and external sensors such as smart cameras record relevant process characteristics. Subsequently, an analytical tool interprets the data in real time. This means that fully automated production systems with short cycle times can be optimized while also enabling automated machine benchmarking of comparable machines. The analytical tool will be presented at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago from September 10 to 15, 2018. aids such as orthotics and prosthetics as well as other auxiliary systems for people with restricted mobility.

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  • Cleanliness: a leading export / 2018

    Collaboration between Fraunhofer IPA and VDE Korea

    Press Release July 2018 / 25.7.2018

    The robot that engineers at Fraunhofer IPA are currently examining in their research cleanroom has traveled a long way: a few days ago, it was sent by air freight from Korea. It is the first industrial robot that is “Made in Korea“ and is being tested for cleanroom compatibility in Stuttgart. The “Fraunhofer TESTED DEVICE®“ seal is in demand in this ambitious, high-tech country. Fraunhofer IPA has already been offering cleanroom compatibility tests in collaboration with VDE Korea for ten years. This January, the collaborative work with VDE was formalized with a cooperation agreement for the next five years. aids such as orthotics and prosthetics as well as other auxiliary systems for people with restricted mobility.

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  • © Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

    The Orthopedic University Hospital Heidelberg and Fraunhofer IPA have expanded their long-standing research partnership by jointly founding a competence center. A focus of the international expert groups – »Motion Lab« at the University Hospital, led by Dr. Sebastian Wolf, and the Fraunhofer IPA »Biomechatronic Systems« department headed up by Dr. Urs Schneider – was to investigate, develop and medically improve aids such as orthotics and prosthetics as well as other auxiliary systems for people with restricted mobility.

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  • Robot Navigation via the Cloud

    Media service March 2018 / 28.3.2018

    A four-person research team headed up by Kai Pfeiffer from the Robot and Assistive Systems Department at Fraunhofer IPA has developed a cloud-based navigation technology. It increases the reliability, flexibility and efficiency of driverless transport systems (DTS). At the same time, the new approach facilitates versatile production and provides production planners with valuable data on what are known as digital shadows.

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  • Sensitive grip

    Media service March 2018 / 23.3.2018

    © Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez

    Bionics for gripping: Nature provided key inspiration in the development the new shape-adaptive forceps. The tips gently adapt to the surface, distribute pressure evenly and ensure that surfaces are not damaged. An ideal tool for biologic research and surgery.

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  • UV sphere makes applying paint quick and easy

    Media service March 2018 / 23.3.2018

    © Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez

    Cars, furniture, electronic enclosures – all sorts of things are painted. However, the usual paint drying processes have attracted criticism on account of high energy consumption. A new refined system reduces energy requirements, sustainably protects the environment and drastically shortens cycle times.

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  • No compromises: / 2018

    Combining the benefits of 3D printing and casting

    Media service March 2018 / 23.3.2018

    © Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez

    Researchers at Fraunhofer IPA have developed a new process that combines 3D printing and casting. In additive freeform casting (AFFC), first a shell of the part is manufactured using FLM printing, then this shell is filled with a two-component resin. This saves time, increases stability of the part and allows new materials to be printed.

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  • AUTOMATICA in Munich from June 19 to 22, 2018 / 2018

    The virtual world conquers the manufacturing industry

    Press Release February 2018 / 1.3.2018

    © Fraunhofer IPA, Foto: Rainer Bez

    Already at the last Automatica two years ago, the director of IPA, Professor Thomas Bauernhansl, described Industrie 4.0 as a development process which is advancing at a tremendous pace. He is convinced: “People who don’t concern themselves with it today will probably bitterly regret it tomorrow“. The good thing is: nothing has changed about this statement. However, what has changed is that companies have realized that they need to address the topic of digitization and – whether in the form of sprints or marathons – develop strategies, as well as define and take appropriate action.

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  • The event "Tomorrow" provides an outlook on mobility and production of the future / 2018

    Research campus ARENA2036 –

    Press Release February 2018 / 22.2.2018

    © ARENA2036, Max Kovalenko
  • Fraunhofer IPA researchers provide an information service for material provision at LogiMAT 2018 / 2018

    Understanding what is important

    Media Service February 2018 / 6.2.2018

    © Universität Stuttgart IFF/ Fraunhofer IPA, Foto: Rainer Bez

    Material provision employees spend a lot of time at work carrying out non-value-added activities. They read orders, find materials and travel long distances. Fraunhofer IPA is currently working on an app that provides them with the right information in the right place at the right time. Now, Fraunhofer IPA is on the hunt for companies to collaborate on the further development of »Info@Need«. They will present this innovative solution on 15 March in a forum at LogiMAT in Stuttgart.

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