• Fraunhofer IPA plans project center in Shanghai

    Press Release October 2017 / 17.10.2017

    © Photo School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University

    In Shanghai/Lingang, one of China’s leading science and technology regions, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA has entered into a cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), initially set to run for five years. The aim of the cooperation at the so-called “Project Center for Smart Manufacturing” is to implement projects in the research fields of digital transformation and artificial intelligence in collaboration with industrial partners. The scheme’s signing ceremony was held on the 14th of October.

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  • New VDI standards established for cleanroom technology

    Press Release September 2017 / 7.9.2017

    © Photo ISS DEBEOS Studios

    Regulations are indispensable in cleanliness technology. They specify which cleanliness standards, test methods or threshold values must be observed for particular industries. Fraunhofer IPA is on committees all over the world and helps to shape groundbreaking guidelines. At the Cleanzone and Lounges on Tour trade fairs in Frankfurt am Main on October 17-18, Fraunhofer scientists will give information on new developments such as the expansion of the VDI 2083 set of guidelines to include nanoscale contamination and a calculation method to determine the degradation kinetics of hydrogen peroxide and the desorption kinetics of materials after hydrogen peroxide fogging.

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  • Parts2Clean 2017: Fraunhofer IPA presents details of the process chain from cleaning through analytics all the way to packaging in ultra-clean environments. / 2017

    Cleaning is just the beginning

    Press Release September 2017 / 6.9.2017

    It is more complicated than many might think to clean components for industry. Expert knowledge is required in selecting the correct cleaning process, cleanliness analysis and packaging. Moreover, industry-specific regulations and the requisite infrastructure are additional factors involved. Fraunhofer IPA is the only institution in Germany to offer the entire process chain in an ultra-clean environment. Experts will present details of this at Parts2Clean, an international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, which is being held October 24–26, 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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  • Virtual technology center for efficient solar cells

    Press Release September 2017 / 6.9.2017

    © Photo Fraunhofer ISE

    Linking up systems to a virtual network in order to make solar cell production in Baden Württemberg more efficient – this was the aim of the “InES” research project. With a cloud infrastructure developed by Fraunhofer IPA and both mobile and browser-based applications, the consortium is now able to share the use of machines at different sites. Remote monitoring of processes and automated test data transfers were also implemented.

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  • Eliminating production downtimes / 2017

    Machinery that repairs itself

    Research News September 2017 / 1.9.2017

    In the EU-funded project SelSus, Fraunhofer scientists are collaborating in a consortium with partners from research and industry to develop maintenance technology capable of forecasting machine downtimes in production before they occur. This allows plant managers to rectify faults before the machine breaks down. The system even corrects some defects automatically.

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  • Flexible proximity sensor creates smart surfaces

    Press Release July 2017 / 4.7.2017

    © Photo Fraunhofer IPA, Foto: Rainer Bez

    Fraunhofer IPA has developed a proximity sensor made from silicone and carbon nanotubes (CNT) which detects objects and determines their position. The materials and printing process used mean that the sensor is extremely flexible, economical and can be used for large surfaces. Industry and research partners can use and further develop this innovation straight away.

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  • The “Coating systems and painting technology” department was delighted to receive a visitor from Iran yesterday. Prof. Zahra Ranjbar, Head of the Institute for Color Science and Technology in Tehran, Iran, viewed the laboratories, including the painting lines, and discussed cooperation possibilities with IPA scientists.

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  • © Photo TU Delft

    Open-Source Software for robots is a de-facto practice in academia, and its advantages can also benefit industrial applications. The worldwide ROS-Industrial initiative has been using ROS, the Robot Operating System, to this end. To consolidate Europe’s dominance in advanced manufacturing, ROSIN with Fraunhofer IPA as one of the partners will push the role of the EU within ROSIndustrial to a leading position. It will achieve this through three main actions: ensuring industrial-grade software quality, promoting new business-relevant applications by providing 50% of the project’s budget for European users and developers, supporting educational activities for students and industry professionals. Interested entities are welcome to apply for participation.

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  • Medical technology conference comes to Stuttgart

    Media Service March 2017 / 2.3.2017

    © Photo Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez

    Fraunhofer IPA intends to establish a new conference format in cooperation with trade fair organizers UBM and Stuttgart Messe to run parallel with Medtec Europe. The “Medical Device Manufacturing” symposium is aimed at bringing together research and industry experts from all over the world to develop solutions for the global market. On April 5, 2017, this new format will be presented within the scope of a public symposium to professionals and representatives from, among other organizations, BIOPRO, Technology Mountains and VDMA Medical Engineering.

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  • On March 14 and 15, 2017, the Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS) will host the Stuttgart International Symposium at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. More than 100 presentations covering automated driving, common rail fuel injection as a key technology in emissions-free driving in addition to the challenges and consequences presented by full digitization in the automotive industry will be held within the scope of the 17th Stuttgart International Symposium on automotive and engine technology.

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