Human-centered Production Technologies

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Fraunhofer IPA conducts research on and designs human-centered technologies for the production work of tomorrow.

The work carried out by humans in industrial production is in a constant state of change. Industrial work & production systems comprise human interaction, technology and organization as well as their design in different dimensions. Megatrends such as demographic change, globalization and personalization are lastingly changing the face of industrial production. Through the digital transformation of industrial production (Industrie 4.0), a whole new range of production work scenarios are evolving.

At Fraunhofer IPA, we conduct research on digital transformation methods and technologies and their impact on people in the work systems of the future. We inform interested parties about the technological solutions available. As experts in digital methods and technologies, we design human-centered assistance systems for the production work of tomorrow.


Services and expertise

Ranging from assistance systems in assembly & logistics through to human-centered design - we can show you what the production work of tomorrow will look like!

Future Work 360

Take a virtual tour with a realistic 360-degree all-round view to experience our use cases for the production work of tomorrow.

Future Work Lab

The innovation lab for work, humans and technology is our lead project on the production work of tomorrow.


Press and publications

Read our latest press releases and scientific publications on research projects relating to human-centered production.


Reference projects

Let our selection of successful research and industrial projects on human-centered production technologies inspire you.