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Easier and systematic qualification of AI applications

A new software framework is to make it easier for companies to approve or audit applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The framework is being jointly developed by Fraunhofer IPA in conjunction with the Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management IFF at the University of Stuttgart.



Autonomous outdoor navigation for agricultural machines

Autonomous and robust navigation is an essential capability for agricultural robots or machines that are to reach a new level of autonomy to manoeuver safely and reliably in their environment. Fraunhofer IPA will showcase what is currently technologically and economically feasible at agritechnica.



Distributed artificial intelligence to improve patient care in the operating room

A research team of scientists is working on realizing the operating room of the future with help of artificial intelligence and robot assisted telemedicine.



Powerful object recognition for diverse applications using AI and robotics

New algorithms for object recognition and environment perception have been developed at Fraunhofer IPA, enabling sophisticated automation solutions for the service and production sectors.

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Go with the flow: Matrix production in the flow

Fraunhofer IPA and Siemens AG in Karlsruhe operate the “Matrixproduktion im Fluss” (matrix production in flow) lab. The aim is a comprehensive transformation of the manufacturing structure into matrix production. In an interview, the two project leaders provide insights into their work to date.


Mobile robotics as the key to matrix production

For matrix production to function optimally, a whole fleet of mobile robots is needed. Ants serve as a role model for orchestrating this dynamic interaction as efficiently as possible. Agha Ali Haider Qizilbash from the Robot and Assistive Systems department gives an insight into his research work.


AI under control

Products that use artificial intelligence (AI) must be developed in accordance with the law and deliver comprehensible results. An audit conducted by Fraunhofer IPA has now confirmed these properties for a product from Experian – the “Fraud Miner” as part of a fraud prevention solution.


3D-printed sensors

In 3D-printing, up to now, the integration of electronic components and consequently, the production of customized sensors has presented a challenge. Now, together with the companies ARBURG and Balluff, Fraunhofer IPA has achieved a breakthrough.

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