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Adding value through biointelligence


Digital Transformation/Industrie 4.0


Energy storage systems


Frugal manufacturing systems


Lightweight engineering


Resource efficiency

Current News



“SeRoDi” research project presents final results

As part of the “SeRoDi” project (“Service Robotics for Personal Services”), Fraunhofer IPA collaborated with other research and application partners to develop new service robotics solutions for the nursing sector.



Pathogens in the firing line

As part of a multi-disciplinary project, researchers from four Fraunhofer Institutes have developed a technology to quickly and safely destroy pathogens used in vaccine manufacture.



Analytical tool identifies production errors and their causes in real time

With its “Smart System Optimization“, Fraunhofer IPA has developed a tool that identifies errors in interlinked manufacturing systems and shows their root causes. In order to do this, high-performance machine control connectors and external sensors such as smart cameras record relevant process characteristics.



Collaboration between Fraunhofer IPA and VDE Korea

The robot that engineers at Fraunhofer IPA are currently examining in their research cleanroom has traveled a long way: a few days ago, it was sent by air freight from Korea.



Medical-technical competence center for prosthetics and orthotics established

The Orthopedic University Hospital Heidelberg and Fraunhofer IPA have expanded their long-standing research partnership by jointly founding a competence center.



Robot Navigation via the Cloud

A four-person research team headed up by Kai Pfeiffer from the Robot and Assistive Systems Department at Fraunhofer IPA has developed a cloud-based navigation technology. It increases the reliability, flexibility and efficiency of driverless transport systems (DTS). At the same time, the new approach facilitates versatile production and provides production planners with valuable data on what are known as digital shadows.



Sensitive grip

Bionics for gripping: Nature provided key inspiration in the development the new shape-adaptive forceps. The tips gently adapt to the surface, distribute pressure evenly and ensure that surfaces are not damaged. An ideal tool for biologic research and surgery.



Combining the benefits of 3D printing and casting

Researchers at Fraunhofer IPA have developed a new process that combines 3D printing and casting. In additive freeform casting (AFFC), first a shell of the part is manufactured using FLM printing, then this shell is filled with a two-component resin. This saves time, increases stability of the part and allows new materials to be printed.

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