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Industrie 4.0

Industry and manufacturing in the process of change. As an independent research institute Fraunhofer IPA has developed numerous solutions and offers a wide range of services.

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Industrie 4.0


Lightweight engineering


Energy storage systems


Resource efficiency


Frugal manufacturing systems

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Direction: digital layering

Nanoparticles can make ordinary materials into high performance materials, which is why nanotechnology is being used on the market in a wide range of diverse products. However, applying new particles to materials still represents a challenge, since you never definitively know how they will react. Fraunhofer IPA scientists are collecting process data and linking up production systems via the cloud to reduce...



Online platform shows sustainable product lifecycle

Most companies perceive the pillars of development and design over the lifecycle of a product as two separate entities, but economic and environmental added value can be achieved by pursuing a holistic approach. Within the ResCoM project, Fraunhofer IPA’s Sustainable Manufacturing project group in Bayreuth worked with eleven partners to develop an online...



IT tool makes machine data visible

Digitization means that machines and systems are generating more and more data. However, many members of staff have difficulty interpreting it. With “InsideOut” Fraunhofer IPA has developed an IT tool that visualizes real machine data in a context-specific way. This enables workers to call up required information such as temperature or fill level in near real-time.



Automation to ensure quality in 3D printing

The genuine hope for Industry 4.0 is pinned on 3D-printed parts, but there are still no quality standards in place for additive manufacturing. Fraunhofer IPA has developed an automated system that enables quality to be automatically checked during printing. Industry partners can test and further develop “IQ4AP” straight away.



IPA plans project center in Shanghai

In Shanghai/Lingang Fraunhofer IPA
has entered into a cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU),
initially set to run for five years. The aim of the cooperation “Project Center for Smart Manufacturing” is to implement projects in the research fields of digital transformation and artificial intelligence with industrial partners.



New VDI standards established for cleanroom technology

Regulations are indispensable in cleanliness technology. Fraunhofer IPA is on committees all over the world and helps to shape groundbreaking guidelines. At the Cleanzone and Lounges on Tour trade fairs in Frankfurt am Main on October 17-18, Fraunhofer scientists will give information on new developments.



Cleaning is just the beginning

Cleaning components for industry is complicated. Expert knowledge is required in selecting the cleaning process, cleanliness analysis and packaging. Fraunhofer IPA is the only institution in Germany to offer the entire process chain in an ultra-clean environment. Experts will present details at Parts2Clean from 25-26 October in Stuttgart.



Virtual technology center for efficient solar cells

Linking up systems to a virtual network in order to make solar cell production in Baden Württemberg more efficient – this was the aim of the “InES” research project. With a cloud infrastructure developed by Fraunhofer IPA the consortium is now able to share the use of machines at different sites.  

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