Intelligent service robots combat viruses and bacteria#

In the »MobDi« project, twelve Fraunhofer partners develop technologies for the autonomous execution of disinfection tasks in buildings and public transport.

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Healthy Air Initiative #

The »Healthy Air Initiative« is a network of Fraunhofer institutes and other partners that pursues an integrated concept of research, knowledge transfer and networking.

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3D printer for Medical technology#

During testing, a Fused Layer Modelling (FLM) process was used to manufacture dovetail rails as used in stereotactic systems.

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Mastering Artificial Intelligence#

A study by Fraunhofer IPA has compared and evaluated various methods, which explain machine learning approaches.

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Fraunhofer IPA#

We see opportunities. We give impulses. We manufacture the future.

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Digital Transformation#

Industry and manufacturing in the process of change. We offer a wide range of services.

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Get in touch with us!#

Learn more about the different types of cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA.

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Fraunhofer vs. Corona#

COVID-19 pandemic: Important information on cooperation

Current News#


SCHOOLPLATE: Free study outlines initial findings

There are not enough qualified staff for Thailand's electroplating industry. Therefore, the research project “SCHOOLPLATE” aims to establish apprenticeships and further training programmes in this emerging south-east Asian market. A recent study has now outlined the initial findings.


Stereotactic systems from the 3D printer

Stereotactic systems are special devices used in neurosurgical procedures. Until now, conventional production methods have meant that these devices are not only expensive to manufacture, but are also geometrically limited. However, in conjunction with inomed Medizintechnik GmbH, a research team from Fraunhofer IPA has now found a way of manufacturing stereotactic systems from plastic using a 3D printer.


Mastering Artificial Intelligence

In most cases, artificial intelligence has a black-box character. However, it is only through transparency that trust can be built. Specialized software is available in order to explain different AI models. Now, a study by Fraunhofer IPA has compared and evaluated various methods, which explain machine learning approaches.


Making AI ready for safety-critical applications

There is a wide range of application areas for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in industrial manufacturing. However, in practice, AI models have only been infrequently used up to now. The reason: It is incredibly challenging to empirically validate the reliability of such systems. New certification criteria could now ensure AI is ready to be deployed for safety-critical applications.

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