Intelligent service robots combat viruses and bacteria

In the »MobDi« project, twelve Fraunhofer partners develop technologies for the autonomous execution of disinfection tasks in buildings and public transport.

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Healthy Air Initiative

The »Healthy Air Initiative« is a network of Fraunhofer institutes and other partners that pursues an integrated concept of research, knowledge transfer and networking.

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Manufacturing successfully resumes after shut-down

The automotive suppliers Kromberg & Schubert planned to resume production activities with the help of Fraunhofer IPA.

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“Access checker”

An innovative measurement method is helping to detect people infected with coronavirus from a safe distance.

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Digital Transformation

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Fraunhofer vs. Corona


COVID-19 pandemic: Important information on cooperation

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New AI applications for SMEs in Baden-Württemberg

Fraunhofer IPA is participating in three separate projects which have emerged victorious in the Baden-Württemberg “AI Innovation Competition”. The project partners will be spending the rest of this year developing AI-based applications to address needs identified in the areas of process monitoring, machine operation and beverage logistics.



How AI is enhancing the manufacturing of tomorrow

In the manufacturing of tomorrow, autonomous systems will support humans with data-driven analyses and smart solution patterns during value-generating tasks. At the “International Open Lab Day” on April 16, 2021, guests will have the opportunity to learn all about the benefits offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) from experts at Future Work Lab.



Harnessing the power of AI for robotics

As a part of Cyber Valley, the AI Innovation Center “Learning Systems” operated by Fraunhofer IAO and Fraunhofer IPA supports companies in their efforts to exploit the economic potential of AI. With total funding of EUR 23 million, the “Cognitive Robotics” center at Fraunhofer IPA will expand the organisation’s service portfolio in this area from 01 March 2021.



Intelligent robots for targeted combating of viruses and bacteria

Service robots can help ensure that buildings and means of transport are
cleaned and disinfected regularly and with consistently high quality. Since
October 2020, twelve institutions of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have been working on the development of new technologies for this field of application.

Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA


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