Automated deburring process for turbine parts

In Short

The Power Generation Division of Siemens AG wanted to transfer their efficient mechanized production processes to rounding fir-shaped grooves, i.e. to deburring turbine parts automatically.


In Detail

Automated deburring offers the potential to reduce the throughput time per turbine shaft by about three days, as well as to achieve a higher and more consistent quality. Manual machining processes on workpieces with an already high added value can be dispensed with. The technology can also be transferred to other products used in the manufacture of turbines. Fraunhofer IPA supervised the project from the initial idea right through to proof of feasibility. The customer was able to conduct preliminary tests in the laboratories at Fraunhofer IPA, thus saving time and costs and avoiding the need to invest in equipment. In the future, the results of the project will serve as a basis for further developing and implementing the processes in cooperation with system partners.