Design for Assembly (DfA) based on the example of an electric motor

© FERTIG Motors GmbH

In Short

To find ways of improving the cost-effectiveness of assembly processes at FERTIG Motors GmbH, the experts from Fraunhofer IPA carried out an Automation Potential Analysis. The resulting recommendations for action enable the company to design their assembly process more efficiently, thus saving time and costs.


In Detail

Make existing process flows in assembly more productive and more suitable for automation: This was what FERTIG Motors GmbH wanted to achieve when they approached the experts at Fraunhofer IPA. Thanks to their Automation Potential Analysis, which has already been successfully implemented many times over, the experts were able to systematically develop recommendations for action to design two components of an electric motor. By integrating certain rotor components, the number of overall parts could be reduced, thus saving assembly and logistics costs. The fully symmetrical design of sliding bushings shortens assembly times, increases process reliability and makes it possible to separate components automatically. This “design for assembly” improves the cost efficiency of the analyzed assembly processes.