ELISE – European Network of AI Excellence Centres

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In short

Under the leadership of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Fraunhofer IPA is preparing an overview of all incubators and AI startups represented in the ELISE network or associated with it. The overview will then serve as a basis for Fraunhofer IPA to design a roadmap that will enable AI to be successfully commercialized.

In detail

In the first phase of the project, IPA experts are collating and contacting all incubators currently represented in the ELISE network so that they can ask them about their respective focus of activities and experiences with AI startups. To this end, the researchers have developed a standardized, research-based questionnaire. In turn, this will be used to determine standardized and established parameters, and the incubators and startups will be asked about their various successes and difficulties they have experienced in connection with AI. The result will be an overview of currently-represented incubators and startups as well as a roadmap for successfully commercializing AI.

Another key aspect of the project is to assist AI startups in developing innovative AI technologies. Startups across Europe are therefore invited to apply for funding from the ELISE network. As an application-oriented research partner, Fraunhofer IPA is closely involved in evaluating and selecting the startups.

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