Transaction Miner Audit with Experian

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In Short

Experian markets an AI component that enables online retailers to assess e-commerce orders so that they can reduce fraud rates. Especially when it comes to financial processes, AI must meet high quality standards. Against this backdrop, Fraunhofer IPA evaluated this component as part of an external and independent audit.

In Detail

In a process that lasted several months, the IPA specialists first studied the development and technical aspects of the AI component, supported by detailed explanations from their colleagues at Experian. Based on their findings, the AI component was then reviewed and evaluated using some currently emerging guidance documents. Overall, Fraunhofer IPA noted the high quality of the development process and gave recommendations for action, particularly with regard to fairness and the documentation of self-developed methods. Besides legal compliance, this type of audit also aims to strengthen user confidence in the application.


Project partners: Experian