DIH-HERO – Digital Innovation Hubs in Healthcare Robotics

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Fraunhofer IPA brings to DIH-HERO its comprehensive knowledge of assistive robotics supporting patients and healthcare professionals.

In short

The European research project “Digital Innovation Hubs in Healthcare Robotics” (DIH-HERO) aims to network the various players in the field of healthcare robotics and to provide financial and structural support for technology transfer and innovations related to service robots for healthcare.

In detail

Digitization and automation technologies play a key role in meeting the increasing demands placed on the European healthcare systems, such as demographic change, shortage of skilled workers and cost pressure. Robot-based or digitally supported applications also offer benefits such as individual and personalized treatment, fewer human errors, faster recovery, or shorter hospital stays. Typical fields of application include diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation robots as well as robotic systems that assist not only people in need of care but also staff working in nursing homes and hospitals.

The DIH-HERO project offers an independent platform for exchanging experiences between research institutions, companies and users from the healthcare sector. Various funding opportunities are intended to strengthen technology transfer, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the health sector. The network includes 17 regional networks (so-called “Digital Innovation Hubs” DIHs) throughout Europe. Fraunhofer IPA coordinates one of these with over 25 partners.

DIH-HERO aims to advance the development of innovative robotic solutions that will enable national healthcare systems to maintain high quality services even under difficult conditions. In addition to technical solutions, standardization is on the agenda, as well as ethical, legal and social issues. Not least, DIH-HERO offers a range of consulting and training services.