Webinar  /  21. Juni 2022, 09.00 - 11.00 a.m.

Applied Smart Materials

Advanced Battery Materials in Application

Material innovations come and go. New materials have always been heralded as innovation drivers. But only a few materials have made the arduous journey from an invention to a successful innovation in the marketplace.  The reason for this is that material development is extremely complex, time-consuming and expensive. Once the material has been developed, the processes, approval methods and products have to be refined. In some cases, this takes decades.

On the other hand, we need new materials to produce better, sustainable products. We need to find a way to develop resource efficient and CO2 neutral product innovations - fast!

Digitalization offers us not only the chance to communicate across borders, but also to jointly develop, identify and seize market opportunities.

The international workshop takes a holistic view of material innovations. From synthesis to recycling, it covers the entire product life cycle.  Top international speakers from research and industry present the latest innovations for discussion and thus contribute to an efficient technology transfer and the increase of innovation rates.



  • Next Generation Battery Materials
  • Anode and Cathode Formulations for Battery and Super Cap Production
  • Nano Carbons, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Nanohorns
  • Green Battery, Circular Economy, Material Compliance 


Benefits for the participants

  • International  Material Trends for Battery Technology
  • Comprehensive overview about material developments
  • Substantial knowledge Material related challenges and opportunities