Circular economy

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Closing material loops in industrial manufacturing environments not only offers significant savings potential, but also the possibility of markedly reducing industry’s impact on the environment. This also opens up opportunities to reduce dependencies on global commodity markets, particularly when it comes to economically strategic commodities. To identify such critical raw materials, Fraunhofer IPA can assist by carrying out detailed criticality analyses. In addition, we examine and compare a variety of circular economy strategies to assess their ecological benefits. This results in concrete recommendations for action for the industry concerned.


Services and expertise:

    • Analyze the product portfolio for potentially critical raw materials
    • Assess supply, ecological and social risks
    • Optionally evaluate possible substitutes
    • Discussion on problem areas and possible courses of action
    • Record process the circular economy strategy under consideration
    • Optional data acquisition support
    • Ecological life cycle assessment
    • Presentation of environmental impact in selected impact categories
    • Discussion on ecological process control hot spots
    • Identify possible business models on a case-by-case basis
    • Evaluate the benefits, innovative strength and market potential of the identified business models
    • Identify and develop decision support systems to evaluate the advantages of potential circular economy strategies (9R strategies)
    • Targeted and moderated workshops to specify the basic business model
    • Data analysis and evaluation: product, market, customers
    • Devise dismantling concepts and evaluate recycling potential
    • Develop processes and systems along the company's internal circular value chain
    • Design and simulate production associations and networks
    • Decision-making support with shaping return logistics
    • Derive technology roadmap and calendar for defining processes in terms of equipment and information technology