Circular Economy and Carbon-neutral Production

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The major environmental impact of industrial operations on our planet and the scarcity of resources are a concern for research and industry alike. In addition, new laws on the pricing of greenhouse gases are presenting the manufacturing sector with unprecedented challenges. Sustainable production therefore calls for a change in paradigm: an economy that continues to grow yet with ever-lower resource consumption and emissions. Processes in industrial manufacturing environments need to be effective and efficient if growth and consumption are to be successfully decoupled from one another. The goal is so-called carbon-neutral production, which as such does not have any harmful effects on the environment. The guiding principle is therefore “Create transparency - Avoid - Reduce - Compensate.”

Besides safeguarding raw materials, some of which are strategic for the economy, in the long term, the concept of the circular economy follows the same principle. By reusing products, components and secondary materials, environmental impacts from the upstream supply chain can be prevented. Furthermore, by closing material loops, critical raw and production materials can be safeguarded sustainably. The development of appropriate strategies and economically and ecologically viable business models thus paves the way for resilient value creation.

To this end, Fraunhofer IPA bundles its wide-ranging expertise to offer its customers an interdisciplinary portfolio of analysis and consulting services. With a particular focus on the connection between cost savings and ecological optimization, we accompany you every step of the way toward a sustainable and responsible future.


Circular economy

stands for maximizing the use of products and raw materials.

Resource efficiency

reconciles climate, energy and material efficiency in manufacturing companies.

Carbon-neutral production

through sustainability and resource conservation.

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