Cleanliness in Manufacturing

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Bigger, faster, better - these current trends do not stop when it comes to cleanliness. Demands for the highest levels of cleanliness are increasingly being complemented by the need for mobility, flexibility, responsiveness, and connection to the digital world. A balancing act that presents companies with new challenges time and again.

For three decades now, the Fraunhofer IPA has been dealing with the various aspects of clean technology, focusing on digitization processes, automation systems and machine learning in controlled clean environments.

As an innovation driver, we make it our business to find solutions to current and future challenges in clean manufacturing through sustainable, applied research.


Services and expertise

Considering cleanliness requirements is particularly important for many industries. Fraunhofer IPA offers a wide range of services to support partners and customers in all phases of clean production.

Coating technology

Important prerequisites for coating are surface cleanliness and activation. The department Coating systems and painting technology deals with the materials and processes for pretreating substrates.

Cleaning and disinfection robots

Despite being monotonous and repetitive, cleaning tasks still tend to be conducted manually. Automated cleaning systems can be used to cut costs, reduce staffing numbers and minimize potential risks.