Strategic cooperations

Strategische Kooperation
© Fraunhofer IPA, Clemens Hess/ Rainer Bez

Fraunhofer IPA offers to cooperate closely with research and industry in line with customer needs. The cooperation takes a longer-term approach. Topics vary according to company requirements and project progress. Innovative, customer-specific solutions are developed with an intensive and reciprocal exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise. The development of new applications is also conceivable.


Your advantages

  • Access to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft network
  • Access to a comprehensive pool of Industry 4.0 experts
  • Collaboration with scientific employees and student assistants
  • Needs-based allocation of the right experts
  • Application Center Industrie 4.0, which provides a cognitive platform in the form of a showroom, guided tours, media presence and much more
  • We help you to develop the right skills to avoid you taking the entrepreneurial risk of betting on the “wrong” skills


General conditions

  • Runtime 3-5 years
  • Fixed IPA project manager
  • Project structure
  • Steering committee with institute director
  • Organized in sprints
  • Fast interim results
  • Contents are adjusted every six months