Future is our product.

Sustainable, personalized and smart.

To enable our regional industry to compete on a global scale, our research focuses on the cost-effective manufacture of sustainable and personalized products.

In lighthouse projects, such as the ultra-efficient factory, FastStorageBW, the center for lightweight engineering and the center for smart materials, we put this into practice with the aid of partners from science and industry. The ability to manufacture individualized products in lot sizes of 1 at the same price as mass-produced goods is being realized. Our future factory for lightweight automotive components with integrated functions, ARENA2036, and the campus for personalized production are working towards this aim.

Our future topics are concerned with so-called cyberphysical production processes, i.e. “intelligent” machines, tools, components or orders, which interact with one another via the Internet practically in realtime. The race for the production system of the future has begun.

We develop new concepts and integrate them as solutions into existing systems - from lean management to Industrie 4.0.