Manufacturing the automobile of tomorrow

The cooperative research environment “ARENA2036” develops competitive production models for the next generation of automobiles. Whereas today’s automobiles are manufactured in sync with the production line, tomorrow’s manufacturing systems will be decoupled, fully-flexible and highly-integrated.

Researchers from Fraunhofer IPA, the University of Stuttgart and also representatives from companies, such as Daimler and Bosch, are working on new methods for producing and assembling lightweight vehicle structures as well as evaluating their suitability for use in practice. The environment also serves as a motor for promoting young talent, vocational training and equal opportunities.

The research program “ARENA2036” focuses on diverse research projects in the field of fiber-reinforced plastics (RFP). Current starter projects include:

  • “LeiFu”: intelligent lightweight structures with integrated functions
  • “DigitPro“: digital prototype: new materials and processes
  • ForschFab“: research factory: production of tomorrow
  • Khoch3“: creativity, cooperation, competence transfer