nICLAS Future Lab

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Cooperative R&D

We connect you with developers and creative minds, in order to conceive technologies for the laboratory of the future. Technological solutions are prototypically implemented in the FutureLab, and the innovations of tomorrow could well feature in your products.

The FutureLab moves on from the B2B approach in the laboratory and consequently places the user at the center of development for the first time. As an idea provider and innovator, the user will prospectively influence the value chain in the laboratory as a data factory.

SmartLab? Electrowetting? Xaas? Do you feel lost? We will show you where the journey leads you, with a clear and consistent focus on your company’s needs!


Your benefit: always be ready for tomorrow’s smart lab:

  • Enable personalized production in highly regulated environments
  • Experience Industry 4.0 in pharma from now on
  • Use profitable technologies from other sectors