Types of cooperation

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We see ourselves as technology pioneers and solution developers. You as an industrial customer and research partner have specific issues or problems that you cannot solve on your own because of their increasingly challenging and complex nature.

When your organization collaborates with Fraunhofer IPA, technologies are developed jointly and made usable for production, research results are transferred to applications. We improve products and manufacturing processes in terms of costs, quality, and output. The type of cooperation or the project format is tailored to the respective task individually.

Other collaboration options include enterprise labs or centers. Here, companies have the opportunity to work methodically on strategic innovation topics outside their own corporate structures – beyond just optimizing existing technologies and processes. The focus is always on creating value in the future through the interaction of the various players with forward-looking production, automation, and information technologies.


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How we help our customers

We transfer research results to applications. We use the following project formats:

Development Projects

Optimization Projects

We optimize products, technologies, and manufacturing processes in terms of costs, quality, and output.


Specific project formats

Examples of further project formats tailored to your individual needs:


Joint research

We form excellent consortia to meet your research requirements in the field of manufacturing and find the right funding programs.  

Venture partnership

Do you want to cooperate with us, implement market innovations, make investments or even found a company? Make the most of the extensive experience, registered patents and experts Fraunhofer IPA has to offer!

Transfer workshops

Would you like to get to know our research institute better and gain an overview of our fields of expertise? Our experts will be happy to tell you about our institute, laboratories, testing grounds and learning factories.