Automating Additive Processes

Since the origin of additive processes lies in model-making and prototype construction, the degree of automation is very low compared to other industrial production processes. Seamless process chains, including not only the building process itself but also all preparatory and follow-up process steps, are still not state of the art. However, to fulfill the promise of manufacturing individualized products rapidly with a reliable degree of quality, additive processes need to be embedded in such process chains. The advantages of additive manufacturing - flexible design and piece numbers - pose challenges which are extremely hard to solve by using conventional automation solutions alone.

Fraunhofer IPA focuses on developing practicable solutions to achieve productive process chains using additive technologies. Regardless of the additive technology implemented, these offer the customer a cost-effective and quality-assured manufacturing solution. By involving a wide range of experts from the institute – for example from machine vision and signal processing – we develop innovative comprehensive solutions for the digital production chain of tomorrow.