Developing Additive Manufacturing Processes

At Fraunhofer IPA, additive manufacturing technologies are further developed to process polymer-based materials. Applications are as diverse as the material properties which can be achieved. From transparent plastics, through fiber-reinforced materials, right up to ceramic slurries, a huge variety of materials are used. All standard additive manufacturing processes can be implemented on test benches in the laboratories to optimize and further develop processes as freely as possible. Different additive technologies can also be combined. Specific demands made by potential users from a wide range of industries are the drive behind all developments. Thanks to the equipment and expertise available, Fraunhofer IPA can offer a broad range of services, from technology consulting through feasibility studies right up to developing new additive processes and implementing them on test benches, as well as in process modules and manufacturing machinery.


Additive Manufacturing Processes with Fiber-reinforced Materials

These days, fiber-reinforced materials have become indispensable. However, when it comes to additive manufacturing, options are still very limited. To change this, we are developing methods for additively processing fiber-reinforced materials.


Additive Manufacturing Processes for Ceramic Materials

Ceramic materials are extremely versatile high-performance materials. Developing additive manufacturing processes for these materials opens up new application possibilities, particularly in cases where low numbers of complex structures are required.


Additive Manufacturing Processes for Plastics

Today, plastic has become indispensable in our everyday lives. Despite its general reputation, plastic is also a major constituent of high-tech products. Although a wide range of plastics can already be processed with additive techniques, there is still a long way to go. We are working on better processes to extend the range of materials, as well as to improve component quality.