Smart Compressed Air Systems

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Compressed air systems are widely used by manufacturing companies in diverse sectors of industry. However, generating compressed air consumes large amounts of energy and is therefore expensive to produce. As digitization in industry progresses, specific measures can be implemented to tap existing efficiency potential and achieve significant cost savings.

Air is not intelligent. But our systems are. Let us show you how.

An important research focus for Fraunhofer IPA in the field of smart compressed air systems is the integration of smart services. By transferring Smart Grid and Industrie 4.0 solutions to compressed air systems, they can be designed more efficiently with the aid of platform-based services. Modern software methods offer comprehensive advantages. Among others, these include efficiency measures that can even be implemented on older systems, consideration of the whole system from the valve to the business model, and early detection of anomalies before system failures.

We develop solutions from the actuator right through to the business model. Our team of experts offers you the unique combination of:

  • Domain knowledge in the field of compressed air systems and manufacturing technologies
  • Implementation expertise to deliver the latest state of the art in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • An overview of solutions available on the market
  • An overview of the state of the art and an IPA research roadmap for smart compressed air systems based on this 

Our services and expertise

Our goal is to optimally integrate the compressed air system into the energy system of a factory and to operate the compressed air system even more efficiently through smart services with intelligent algorithms. Do you manufacture smart compressed air system solutions and are you looking for partners to develop product innovations? Here you can find out more about our services and expertise: