Energy Technologies

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The future of mobility and energy generation is shaped by innovative technologies. Find out more about the challenges and opportunities in battery research and hydrogen technology and be inspired!

A central topic is electromobility, with the drive battery playing a decisive role. The battery cell is a key technology; economic necessity as well as political goals are driving the production of high-quality battery cells in Europe and Germany. With the aim of creating competitive advantages, we focus on climate-friendly giga-factories and on digitizing the entire value chain. At the Center for Digitalized Battery Cell Manufacturing, we are working on methods and tools to accomplish this ambitious project. Our laboratory line enables us to carry out extensive tests which will shape the future of battery cell production.

However, our work does not just concern electromobility, but also hydrogen as the energy carrier of the 21st century. Hydrogen has many potential uses and can be obtained from renewable sources. With a focus on sustainable generation, we are currently working on electrolyzers as well as bioenergy plants on a gigawatt scale. The fuel cell plays a key role in reverse power generation, especially in mobile applications.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA is your partner for research and services in the field of innovative energy technologies. We transfer the latest research findings to the requirements of industry in order to achieve a sustainable and future-oriented energy supply.

Our key working fields


Battery manufacturing

In the future, the Center for Digitizaled Battery Cell Manufacturing at Fraunhofer IPA will contain an entire, fully-digitized production chain for lithium-ion battery cells. 


Hydrogen technologies

In addition to topics relating to manufacturing technologies, the business area “Energy” offers a wide range of services and research fields relating to hydrogen