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At Fraunhofer IPA, we are constantly working on the (re)development of automation solutions and concepts. In order to get to know these developments and discuss them together, we have set up a unique laboratory area.

The technical development and biological testing and validation of our systems takes place in this ATMP laboratory. In addition, we also conduct research into flexible robotic handling of relevant consumables and common culture formats such as blood bag and tubes. A robot cell with a flexible 6-arm articulated robot and a scara arm was set up specifically for this purpose. The system is supplemented by a large manual sterile workstation, which can also be used for robot-human interactions.  The concept is completed by a show area in which our current prototypes and technologies are exhibited and demonstrated to interested parties from research and industry. This will pave the way for a comprehensive technology transfer from Fraunhofer to users.

The entire ATMP laboratory was opened on 01.12.2023 as part of our symposium "Automated and Decentralized ATMP Production Technologies" and has been available for internal work and external visitors ever since.


© Fraunhofer IPA
Demonstrations of transfermodule and cassette for genetic modification in our show area.
© Fraunhofer IPA
In a designated area robotic handling of bags and tubes will be investigated.
© Fraunhofer IPA
Scararm in the robotic cell is ready for exciting research projects.

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