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Society, politics and technological developments will significantly change the way we deal with energy in the coming years. For example, the transformation process toward electromobility and wireless systems is underway, the use of hydrogen as a future energy carrier seems to have been decided politically and the use of energy in industry is associated with steadily decreasing CO2 emissions.

With its ideal combination of experience, manufacturing expertise and methodological skills, Fraunhofer IPA is helping to shape tomorrow’s industry in Europe by making it more energy-efficient and attractive. We conduct research and develop efficiency-enhancing solutions and planning methods in diverse fields of industry, such as automation, factory design & infrastructure planning, surface engineering & materials science, as well as cleanliness technology and production & process technologies.

The Energy Business Unit focuses on the future topics of battery production, intelligent energy systems for use in manufacturing and the energy carrier hydrogen.

In battery production, we offer solutions with an emphasis on digitization along the entire process chain, starting with the mixing of electrode materials through to the forming of the cell in an adaptable factory.

With smart energy systems, the focus is on solution concepts for energy efficiency and flexibility to harness savings potential in production.

A variety of technologies are required to produce hydrogen and use it as an energy carrier. Fraunhofer IPA is developing solutions for the industrial manufacture of components for generating, storing and converting hydrogen.

Our key working fields


Battery Manufacture

Drive batteries account for a large proportion of added value in the manufacture of electric cars. The battery cell is a key technology and thus of central importance.


Intelligent energy systems

Manufacturing companies are faced with increasingly dynamic and global competition, forcing them to constantly optimize their value chain. Due to growing cost pressure in production plants, the energy factor is becoming an important control lever when it comes to cutting manufacturing costs. 


Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen is considered to be the energy carrier of the 21st century and offers high flexibility in many fields of application. Hydrogen has the highest theoretical energy density, can be generated from electricity, biomass or fossil resources, and can be converted into a wide range of products.

How we help our customers

We transfer research results to applications. We use the following project formats:

Development Projects

Optimization Projects

We optimize products, technologies, and manufacturing processes in terms of costs, quality, and output.


Specific project formats

Examples of further project formats tailored to your individual needs: