Do a PhD

Supervision of doctoral theses

To provide optimal support, Fraunhofer IPA has developed a structured PhD program with seminars and networking events to give students important advice on how to tackle their doctoral theses.

In their respective departments, PhD students are given expert advice by their group leaders and heads of department. Doctoral students meet up regularly with their group leaders and heads of department to exchange information. At these meetings, the status of their theses and the next steps to be taken are discussed. Of course, at specific intervals our doctoral students also coordinate their work directly with the institute director Professor Thomas Bauernhansl.


PhD procedure

Our structured PhD program follows a specific procedure and includes the prescribed steps listed below:

  • In Year One, doctoral students select a topic, attending a range of seminars to help them do so.
  • In Year Two, students are expected to publish a first paper on their chosen subject. The subject is then approved by Prof. Bauernhansl. In Year Two, our PhD students also attend various seminars, such as Design of Experiments (DoE), Study Design, Scientific Writing and Patent Research.
  • In Years Three and Four, the students work on their theses. Doctoral students addressing similar topics form an expert group on the subject and meet up regularly to discuss their thesis results.
  • In Year Five, the written thesis is completed and handed in. The thesis is successfully concluded by passing an oral examination and having the thesis published.


Career opportunities as a doctoral student

Through their involvement in national and international industrial projects, our scientific assistants gain not only in-depth knowledge of industry but also practical skills. The supervision of student assistants and theses at an early stage in the PhD process also promotes personal and professional development.

After finishing their PhD, numerous career opportunities in industry and science are open to our employees. To help them on their way, Fraunhofer IPA offers active career advice and has a comprehensive career network at its disposal.