Career and development opportunities


For research-friendly natural scientists who like to take a practical approach, IPA has a lot to offer. Our employees get to learn the basics of economics, including acquisition and costing, as well as project and quality management. With the chance to do a PhD, the job offers the ideal conditions for a management career in industry. To assist you, besides a wide range of training programs, we also offer personal, unbiased and confidential advice.



With the scientific work and the option of doing a PhD, the foundations are laid for a career in a research institute or industrial research department.



The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft encourages good ideas as the basis of a competitive industrial environment. It also promotes institute-related spin-offs, as well as cooperations with other institutes. To give its spin-offs the best-possible support, Fraunhofer IPA offers a broad spectrum of services in collaboration with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.


Internal specialist career opportunities

Apart from the option of a management career, we also offer specialist career opportunities.

With the right skills, scientists can become:

  • Project Manager
  • Group Leader
  • Senior Scientist
  • Senior Expert