Fraunhofer IPA presents disinfection robot “DeKonBot”

Press release November 2020 /

In order to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the research institute in Stuttgart has developed the prototype of a mobile cleaning and disinfection robot in a short time. It navigates autonomously to potentially contaminated objects, such as door handles, and disinfects them thoroughly. The robot is gentle on resources and time-saving.

The new prototype of the mobile disinfection robot “DeKonBot” is an automation solution that independently cleans and disinfects potentially contaminated areas such as door handles, light switches, or elevator buttons. Compared to cleaning by hand, the use of robots reduces the risk of infection for the cleaning staff and at the same time ensures that the cleaning task is carried out reliably and traceably. The continuous use of the robot, even during the night, means that cleaning jobs can be performed more frequently than if carried out manually.