Press Releases

  • Hannover Messe / 2019

    On mobile cleanrooms and personalized sandals

    Press release February 2019 / 25.2.2019

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA is set to exhibit across a variety stands at this year’s Hannover Messe, showcasing innovations such as a partially automated assembly process of plastic elephants and using robots to manufacture a personalized pair of sandals.

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  • From Stuttgart to the world: Fraunhofer IPA turns 60

    Press Release January 2019 / 21.1.2019

    "Future is our product" is the motto of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA. The institute produces innovations and solutions for industrial applications and bridges the gap between science and practice. This is to be celebrated in 2019: 60 years ago – on July 1st, 1959 – the institute in Stuttgart began its work.

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  • Automated tumor diagnosis at the MEDICA trade fair / 2018

    The fast way to individual treatment

    Press Release / 9.11.2018

    Lymph node diagnosis helps to determine whether a tumor has already spread across the body and started to form metastases. An inter-disciplinary team across three Fraunhofer institutes has now optimized and automated this diagnosis method.

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  • Service robotics for the nursing sector / 2018

    “SeRoDi” research project presents final results

    Press release October 2018 / 18.10.2018

    As part of the “SeRoDi” project (“Service Robotics for Personal Services”), Fraunhofer IPA collaborated with other research and application partners to develop new service robotics solutions for the nursing sector. The resulting robots, the “intelligent care cart” and the “robotic service assistant”, were used in extensive real-world trials in a hospital and at two care homes. This enabled the project partners to confirm the benefits of the robots for reducing the workload of staff.

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  • Electron beams for rapid, safe vaccine production / 2018

    Pathogens in the firing line

    Press Release October 2018 / 11.10.2018

    As part of a multi-disciplinary project, researchers from four Fraunhofer Institutes have developed a technology to quickly and safely destroy pathogens used in vaccine manufacture.

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  • “Smart System Optimization“ at IMTS2018 / 2018

    Analytical tool identifies production errors and their causes in real time

    Press Release August 2018 / 1.8.2018

    With its “Smart System Optimization“, Fraunhofer IPA has developed a tool that identifies errors in interlinked manufacturing systems and shows their root causes. In order to do this, high-performance machine control connectors and external sensors such as smart cameras record relevant process characteristics. Subsequently, an analytical tool interprets the data in real time. This means that fully automated production systems with short cycle times can be optimized while also enabling automated machine benchmarking of comparable machines. The analytical tool will be presented at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago from September 10 to 15, 2018. aids such as orthotics and prosthetics as well as other auxiliary systems for people with restricted mobility.

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  • Cleanliness: a leading export / 2018

    Collaboration between Fraunhofer IPA and VDE Korea

    Press Release July 2018 / 25.7.2018

    The robot that engineers at Fraunhofer IPA are currently examining in their research cleanroom has traveled a long way: a few days ago, it was sent by air freight from Korea. It is the first industrial robot that is “Made in Korea“ and is being tested for cleanroom compatibility in Stuttgart. The “Fraunhofer TESTED DEVICE®“ seal is in demand in this ambitious, high-tech country. Fraunhofer IPA has already been offering cleanroom compatibility tests in collaboration with VDE Korea for ten years. This January, the collaborative work with VDE was formalized with a cooperation agreement for the next five years. aids such as orthotics and prosthetics as well as other auxiliary systems for people with restricted mobility.

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