Cleanroom Reliability Equipment Monitoring System (CREMS)

In short

»CREMS« is an early warning system for the detection of wear and tear in equipment used in cleanrooms. Highly sensitive sensors inside production equipment detect even minimal contamination at the point of origin.


In detail

Contamination can be detected at a very early stage, for example in robot joints; ideally even before it can penetrate into cleanliness controlled environments causing damage there. Fraunhofer IPA was able to apply and further develop this early warning system in close cooperation with a medium-sized company from Baden-Wuerttemberg. The focus here was on connecting »CREMS« to IT-supported analysis systems. Sensors record and transmit information about generated particle size ratios and concentrations, including their temporal occurrence. This data is automatically evaluated and an impending wear can be detected very early (predictice maintenance).

Quote from the customer

»We are pleased that »CREMS« provides us with another valuable tool for quality assurance.«