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Use Hexobau in the building trade

The physical strain in the construction trade is enormous, which leads to frequent absences from work and disability. The lack of young trainees exacerbates the shortage of skilled workers in construction. The aim of the project "HEXOBAU“ is therefore to develop a user-friendly, lightweight, hydraulic exoskeleton that supports craftsmen with lifting, overhead work and other strenuous tasks. The project is funded by the funding program Invest BW of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The team from the "Biomechatronic Systems" department at Fraunhofer IPA is using its many years of experience in the project to develop a concept for controlling the exoskeleton. For the load-dependent interaction of the system with the user, new control concepts are being developed in order to automatically recognize the intention of the exoskeleton wearer. The IPA also collects the biomechanical and user-related requirements for the exoskeleton on the construction site and validates them in the laboratory and in the field.

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