“DigiBattPro 4.0 - BW” - Digitized Battery Production 4.0

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In Short

The aim of the DigiBattPro 4.0 - BW project is to completely digitize a battery cell production facility. Digitizing the entire process will make a significant contribution to improving and stabilizing the quality of lithium-ion battery cells.

In Detail

The DigiBattPro 4.0 - BW research project concentrates on digitizing the entire process chain in battery cell manufacture. Together with the industrial partner Varta, strategies for digitizing the Li-ion CoinPower production facility at the Ellwangen works will be developed and tested during the first phase of the project. The solutions developed will then be evaluated for their transferability to the manufacture of Li-ion 21700 round cells. A particular focus of digitizing the battery cell production process is on developing a consistent traceability concept for tracking and assigning process parameters and product features.

Traceability technologies are key to creating consistent process and quality models in battery cell manufacture and provide the data basis for improving and stabilizing the quality of the battery cells produced. To eliminate information gaps between processes and enable components and process steps to be traced back to the finished product, a holistic approach is called for. For this reason, a solution morphology for the technological integration of traceability concepts in battery production was developed at Fraunhofer IPA.