Digitization strategy for fischer

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In short

At the fischer Group of Companies, the demand for digitization solutions is so high that more than 60 industry 4.0 projects have been created bottom-up. The company has recognized the potential of higher-level planning. Together with Fraunhofer IPA, fischer developed a strategy which prioritizes existing projects to support new digitization ideas.


In detail

The divisions involved - fischer fixing systems and fischer automotive systems - have appointed a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) who is now in charge of the projects that have sprung up. A new digitization vision determines the direction of the projects so that strategic goals can be achieved. Through the bundled support, the CDO can identify faster where synergy effects can be used and new impulses are needed and is thus in a position to initiate appropriate support measures or form networks. In parallel, fischer and Fraunhofer IPA have also generated new digitization ideas. The team puts some of these ideas into practice in direct cooperations, such as the »Industry 4.0 Island« prototype with connected machines.

The digitization strategy was developed by the project team as follows:

A. Projects reviewed to interpret the current strategic direction

B. Impulse workshops held to develop a common vision for digitization

C. Strategic program developed, including strategic digitization targets

D. Initiatives prioritized

E. Initial pilot projects set up and their progress monitored 


Statement made by the customer

»The vision developed together with Fraunhofer IPA prepares our company ideally for digitization. The workshops gave us numerous impulses and enabled us to generate ideas: from new business models and smart products right through to digitized manufacturing.«

Andreas Müller
Chief Digital Officer at fischer

Insight into the project

The video in German shows how CDO Andreas Müller and Fraunhofer IPA brought existing and new digitization projects »on track«.