InterOpera - Digital Interoperability in Collaborative Value Industrie 4.0 Networks

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More digital interoperability for Industrie 4.0: the InterOpera project focuses on the practical implementation of a standardized asset administration shell.

In short

In the research project “InterOpera - Digital Interoperability in Collaborative Industrie 4.0 Value Networks”, Fraunhofer IPA is working together with research partners and industry to develop standardized methods for implementing Asset Administration Shells in practice.

The primary aim of the research project is to develop 50 concrete, practicable and interoperable submodels of the asset administration shell.

InterOpera networks companies, creates reproducible open source solutions in production through standardized submodels, and thus makes a major contribution to interoperability for Industrie 4.0. 

In detail

For all elements in a collaborative value network to connect smoothly with minimal effort, special tools are required to ensure interoperability. Interoperability is the ability of different systems to interact with each other to efficiently exchange data or make it available to one other. Therefore, it is highly important that data and information is exchanged seamlessly and in a simplified and standardized manner between all players.

To enable this standardized exchange of information between the various players, all systems and components in the collaborative value network are surrounded by a so-called Asset Administration Shell. An Asset Administration Shell is the digital representation of an object that implements its digital twin. The asset administration shell is made up of numerous different submodels which describe in detail the properties and characteristic attributes of the mapped components.

The project involves recording digital interoperability problems in collaborative value networks encountered by interested companies and associated partners, analyzing submodels that are still lacking, and jointly developing new submodels. The aim is to develop 50 concrete, practicable and interoperable submodels of the Asset Administration Shell for as many different business areas as possible along the so-called Reference Architecture Model 4.0 (RAMI 4.0).

The task of the DigITools Competence Center at Fraunhofer IPA is to devise a standardized methodical procedure for creating submodels within the Asset Administration Shell. Thus, in the future, companies will be able to develop their own submodels which conform to the standard.

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The Asset Administration Shell is made up of numerous different submodels.

Be part of it - tell us about your use case!

Industrial companies from all over Germany can contact us and name their use cases for submodels. With the newly-developed methodology, we can help you create specific submodels of the Asset Administration Shell. Thus, at the end of this project, up to 50 model projects with factually correct drafts of application templates, submodels and interaction patterns will be available for use and summarized in a submodel map.

There are many advantages for companies:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency in Industrie 4.0
  • Lower integration costs in value networks spanning different manufacturers
  • New business relationships and access to new market segments
  • Inter-communicable AAS concepts through standardized format for mapping digital twins

The InterOpera project makes a major contribution to the interoperability of Plattform Industrie 4.0. InterOpera is directly related to the Industrie 2030 mission statement. The long-term transfer of submodels to the standardization process and the expansion of the German ecosystem for the Asset Administration Shell will support flexible production and resource efficiency throughout the industry. InterOpera makes it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to get started with Industrie 4.0 Because machines and equipment can be networked far cheaper and faster once standardized submodels for the Asset Administration Shell are available.

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