DigITools for Manufacturing

“DigiTools for Manufacturing” bundles core competencies from different departments in consideration of requirements for Industrie-4.0. The system solutions developed here are supplied both to SMEs as well as large concerns in various sectors of the market by the five business units of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA. In this way, Fraunhofer IPA is responding to increasing research and development demands related to the future issue of Industrie 4.0.


Methods for implementing digital production

Fraunhofer IPA identifies suitable Industrie 4.0 use cases, develops technological solutions and implements digital production with you.



Cloud technologies offer enormous potentials to cut IT costs and optimize production processes.


Manufacturing Systems

IT systems form the link between the manufacturing system and the business process. In the era of Industrie 4.0, manufacturing systems are becoming increasingly modular. This contributes to transparency, flexibility and optimization of manufacturing infrastructures with regard to time, costs and quality irrespective of the quantities produced.


Software Development Process

The development of high-quality, secure and cost-effective software and hardware for an existing IT environment calls for dynamic development processes and tools, which also have to meet specific project requirements.