SelfPaint - The fully automatic painting cell

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In short

In the "SelfPaint" painting cell, products of any geometry are to be painted fully automatically in small quantities - up to batch size 1. This is to enable the connection of the four modules 3D object detection, numerical painting simulation, painting robot and non-contact layer thickness measurement.


In detail

In the three-year Fraunhofer research project, the IPA, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institutes ITWM (Kaiserslautern)  and FCC (Göteborg), has developed a modular painting concept that enables complex components to be painted fully automatically. A cyber-physical system consisting of sensors (3D object detection, non-contact layer thickness measurement) and actuators (painting robots) interacts self-programming via different software tools (numerical fluid simulation, path planner). The modular design of the intelligent painting cell allows an adaptive integration into existing painting systems and painting processes. Individual modules are already successfully used in industrial environments.