Simulation Game Industrie 4.0 at Trumpf

In short

Together with Trumpf, Fraunhofer IPA has developed the “Simulation Game Industrie 4.0” to raise employees’ awareness of the digital transformation and to teach them how to overcome the associated challenges. The complex task of moving from lean production to Industrie 4.0 can be experienced in a simulation model which actively involves employees in the change process.


In detail

The changeover from lean production to Industrie 4.0 holds enormous opportunities but is not without its challenges. Appropriate action must be taken to empower employees to actively overcome these. The “Simulation Game Industrie 4.0” which has been devised helps workers to develop the necessary skills. The game simulates the manufacture of a sample product using digital technologies. This enables employees to evaluate and visualize the changes on the basis of specified key figures.

Insight into the project

“With its production and digitization know-how, the DigITools Competence Center at Fraunhofer IPA has provided us with exactly the support we needed to develop a simulation game that sensitizes our employees to the digital transformation and its change process and teaches them how to cope with it.”

Deborah Schmid, Corporate HR Learning & Development


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Digitizing order processing in a simulation game
Transparency in production through digital order processing. Screenshots from MES XETICS LEAN,
Benchmarking with key production figures. Screenshots from MES XETICS LEAN,
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Lego as a flexible product example
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Learning from and with one other in a simulation game.