Präsenzveranstaltung  /  22. Oktober 2024, 08.30 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr

2nd Biointelligence Congress in Stuttgart

Biointelligence – Current status and future prospects

Do we truly want to shape production sustainably and, at the same time, not compromise on prosperity? This requires innovative approaches. Biointelligence can make that possible. The goal is to genuinely optimize established product and production structures sustainably. The key lies in the interdisciplinary intersection of life sciences, engineering, and information sciences.

Join us for a Global Perspective on the Biological Transformation of Industry. Experience cross-industry expertise in breadth and depth during this one-day congress for biointelligent manufacturing solutions.

Explore the following focus areas at the Biointelligence Congress:

  • Biointelligent Nutrition Research
    Which biointelligent tools are needed in nutritional research to answer questions about a health-promoting, sustainable and at the same time tasty diet? In this session we will examine new technologies and needs in nutrition research that enable future-oriented nutrition research.
  • Biointelligent Production Systems
    The session focuses on biointelligent production systems. They use renewable raw materials that are converted in the targeted products in biotechnological processes using intelligent production technology. Mathematical models are used, the accuracy of which has been optimized using AI.
  • Biointelligent Innovations improving human health
    Biointelligent technologies  enable novel approaches for personalized  therapy, the production of therapeutic agents, and for diagnosis and support systems by establishing interaction between humans and bio-intelligent technical systems.
  • Biointelligent Living and Design
    Come and discover the exciting fusion of biology and construction. Our focus lies in exploring how biological principles and materials can revolutionize living spaces and product design. Join us in our quest to create more climate-compatible living in tune with the environment

The Biointelligence Congress is your gateway to:

  • Promote targeted knowledge transfer through interactive exchange and learning formats.
  • Establish a robust network driving the Biological Transformation forward.
  • Generate valuable leads for partners and exhibitors.

Save the Date: October 22, 2024

Organizer: FPF e.V.

In Cooperation with: Competence Center Biointelligence, Universität Stuttgart, Fraunhofer IPA, Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Wittenstein Stiftung, Universität Hohenheim

To overcome the weaknesses of current production systems, truly new approaches are necessary. Biointelligence offers many opportunities - for small, medium, and large enterprises. Stay tuned for further details and be a part of the forefront of innovation at the intersection of bio-, hard-, and software.