Carbon-neutral production

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New laws on the pricing of greenhouse gases and the COVID 19 pandemic are presenting German industry with unprecedented challenges. In 2021, the national emissions trading scheme nEHS introduced a fixed price for CO2. The price per ton of CO2 is set by politicians. By acting wisely, you can reduce the due and progressively increasing CO2 tax to a minimum! To find a solution to these huge payments, your company has to make its energy and resource consumption more efficient.

Fraunhofer IPA supports you on your way to carbon neutrality, for example, by carrying out an ecological life cycle assessment of your business activities and drawing up a roadmap that incorporates innovative technologies. To this end, we combine interdisciplinary expertise from Fraunhofer IPA and from Fraunhofer IAO in order to devise well-founded recommendations for action and to assist with their implementation. Together with Fraunhofer IAO, Fraunhofer IPA is also involved in the recently-founded innovation network “Klimaneutrale Unternehmen”, which supports a targeted exchange between experts and companies.

In a non-binding and free exploratory meeting, we will gladly help you clarify your objectives and specifics, and find out which approach is best suited for your company.

Services and expertise:

    • Define the scope of consideration and respective system, reporting & organizational boundaries
    • Record the process
    • Define the relevant data and information
    • Materiality analysis with regard to Scope 3 categories
    • Data acquisition support
    • Calculate environmental impacts in desired impact categories (e.g. climate change - greenhouse gas emissions)
    • Presentation of results as a Sankey diagram as a basis for discussing potential hot spots
    • Discuss and define goals (CO2/carbon neutrality, etc.)
    • Develop recommendations for action to reduce environmental impact in moderated and targeted workshops (ecological life cycle assessment as basis for discussion)
    • Presentation of best practices from industry and innovations from research
    • Develop roadmap with time-defined activities and milestones for achieving the defined goals
    • Three network meetings per year with impulses from experts and workshops
    • Once a year: symposium with free access for network participants
    • Once a year: free study on key topics for network participants
    • Online-based quick check to measure company-specific maturity
    • Workshop to raise awareness among employees
    • Exchange with other innovative companies
    • Monthly newsletter on the latest trends and innovative approaches to corporate climate protection

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