Robotics Testing Facility

If you are looking to develop and implement robot systems and automation technology, the Department of Robot and Assistive Systems is a neutral and competent partner with well-equipped laboratories that can help you achieve your goals.


We offer the following services

  • Feasibility studies, system design, tests and simulations
  • Development of customized technologies or equipment solutions
  • Workshops and electrical laboratories provide rapid prototyping support and are designed for constructing complete robot systems
  • Participants of our Robotics seminars can put modern technologies to the test using real robots.



Test environment for industrial robotics

We have around 20 different industrial robots and state-of-the-art measuring technology for developing customer-specific processes under practical conditions in the fields of Handling, Assembly and Welding and machining.


Selection of demonstrators

Test environments for service robotics

The service robotics department has laboratories that reflect current and possible future environments for robot application. The department also has the two platforms rob@work and Care-O-bot, which are advanced test beds and demonstration platforms for use in corresponding technology and product developments, as well as for practical trials.


Application Center Industrie 4.0

Whether as automated transport vehicles (AGV) for adaptable and versatile material flows in production or as mobile service robots, robot systems must react flexibly to changes in the environment and may not pose a safety risk to people in the vicinity. In this test environment, we evaluate navigation software developed for your needs.

More information about the Application Center Industrie 4.0

More information about navigation


Living laboratory for testing service robots in everyday environments & care laboratory with assistive robot solutions

In this operational environment, which simulates parts of a home environment or an inpatient care facility, we focus particularly on developing service robot applications intended for Assisting elderly people. Besides implementing complex assistance functions with the Care-O-bot 4, we are also working further developing application-specific robot hardware, e.g. for the automated distribution of snacks and beverages.

In the nursing laboratory, we present technical assistive systems developed at Fraunhofer IPA for Assisting people in need of help and Assisting people in need of care in the form of an informative exhibition. The existing solutions serve as a basis for discussions on individual requirements and the development of new, customer-specific solution concepts.