Dispersing Technology Center

Unique project space for all aspects of dispersions and dispersion technology

The Center for Dispersion Technology at Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart is a unique project space dedicated to solving individual industrial problems related to dispersions and dispersion technology. A broad network of researchers and cooperation partners from industry collaborate closely to develop and optimize the application and uses of materials and dispersions. The aim of the Center is to pool expertise in dispersion technology. It serves as a contact point for industry for all issues regarding sustainable dispersions.


»Together with other partners, we can advance and test material innovations or optimizations and smoothly implement them in our industrial customers’ products and production facilities using the documentation.« 

Dr. Marc Entenmann


Your needs

Do you want to advance material innovations or develop bio-based material alternatives that are gentle on resources? Do you need assistance in stabilizing nanoparticles in your dispersions? Do you want to make your dispersion processes safer and more resource-efficient? Do you see the need and potential to make your existing dispersion systems more energy-efficient? Are you on the threshold of digitizing your processes and looking for a partner to help you with this?

Become a part of our Center for Dispersion Technology. While we solve your issues, you get to benefit from

  • the institute's expertise in surface technology
  • in-depth material and process know-how that we have acquired over many years through a close network of industrial partners, international research institutes and cross-institutional researchers
  • extensive experience and knowledge of equipment and machinery for industrial materials processing in our test laboratories

Take advantage of the opportunity to build partnerships with technology providers and material developers, learn first-hand about the latest trends, and gain useful information about how to optimize your processes. 

From preparing nanoparticles to digitizing processes

In our Center for Dispersion Technology, all players in the network are available to you throughout the entire value adding process. Step by step, you will be accompanied all the way - from preparing particles to scaling processes. Or make use of our expertise and research services as part of individual optimization projects within your existing production process.