Training programs

In cooperation with the Stuttgart Production Academy, we train your workers to face current and future challenges encountered in industrial manufacturing. Depending on your needs, we offer different types of training courses, which are explained below.

Management seminars

The management seminars offered by the Stuttgart Production Academy are divided into compact seminars and advanced seminars. Compact seminars give you a general overview of the current situation with regard to a specific topic. This gives decision-makers the information they need to understand interdependencies and identify any action required. Advanced seminars offer in-depth application knowledge for industrial experts.

The Stuttgart Production Academy offers management seminars on the following themes: factory planning, production management, production planning and process optimization, supply chain management and logistics, maintenance management, quality management, energy efficiency and environmental management, as well as development and innovation management.

Technology seminars

Technology seminars offer experts the knowledge needed by companies to optimize existing technologies or make investment decisions. The contents are often accompanied by a practical session or visits to laboratories. This gives participants the opportunity to find out firsthand about the latest technologies.

The Stuttgart Production Academy offers technology seminars on the following themes: machine vision, digital printing, electromobility, energy, functional materials, lightweight engineering, medical engineering and biotechnology, surface engineering, clean technology, robotics and machine tools.

Forums and congresses

Forums and congresses address a limited spectrum of topics, often in connection with current events. In lectures and visits, participants gain an insight into the latest results from industrial and research projects. The focus is on the exchange of information among experts from science and industry.

In-house seminars

Most of the open seminars offered by the Stuttgart Production Academy are also available as needs-based in-house seminars. This cuts costs if several participants are involved. You also have the option of integrating your individual interests and issues into the seminar.

Alternatively, individual training courses can be held on our premises. On request, these can be combined with tours or practical exercises in the laboratory.

Learning expeditions

Learning expeditions are ideal for companies wishing to further develop their structures at a high rate of change. Regular visits by best-practice companies with subsequent implementation-based transfer workshops make it possible for participants to experience methods and concepts, as well as giving them constant impulses for their own change processes.

On the one hand, learning expeditions are intended for companies that are just starting to optimize their processes and are seeking guidance. On the other hand, they are also used by companies to give new impulses again and again to long-term improvement programs.