Biointelligent Production

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Establishing resilience and autonomy beyond global value chains: Biointelligent technologies empower the utilization of regionally available biological resources for production, while meticulously preserving their value within closed material loops. Fraunhofer IPA is here to help you steer towards lasting competitiveness and the adoption of Biointelligent production methods. Our diverse team pioneers innovative techniques, technologies, and models to seamlessly integrate Biointelligent systems into industry. We engage in application-oriented research to create efficient, accessible, and sustainable solutions.

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Our areas of work and offerings


Sustainable System Design

With a holistic perspective, we develop Biointelligent value creation systems that do not deplete resources from the environment but rather harness nature itself as a production system. We assist you with sustainability assessments for products, businesses, and regions.


Biointelligent Technologies

At the intersection of bio, information and production technology, we pioneer technologies for industrial production. Coupled with a systematic approach to innovation and technology management, we translate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary innovations into practical applications.


Application Fields


Biointelligent on-demand production systems, as a cross-cutting technology, open up new economic sectors and transform value creation in the fields of nutrition, health, housing, consumption, and energy.

Reference Projects

H2Wood – BlackForest – Biointelligent hydrogen production from wood and waste wood in the Black Forest

New EU Project BIOS pushes Industry towards a Biological Transformation

Biointelligent sensor to measure viral activity for therapeutics production: BIOPROS

Analyzing Biointelligence Worldwide »International Benchmark Study InBenBio«

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