Additive Orthopedics

State-of-the-art technologies facilitate the work carried out by orthopedic technicians, enabling better, e.g. lighter, and more functional products, to be developed for patients.

Additive manufacturing plays a key role in this process. This core technology is used to manufacture products directly from CAD data without the need for tools. The geometric freedom of the technology opens up new dimensions in bionics. Extremely lightweight natural structures or bionic optimization processes, such as topology optimization, can be integrated into products such as prostheses, orthoses and surgical instruments. The technology enables functional elements, for example springs, clasps or actuators, to be integrated into products in a way that used to be practically or completely impossible.

Developing new innovative products, we combine 3D scanners, CAD technology and additive manufacturing technologies to create a new digital work process.

D-Technologie und generativen Fertigungsverfahren bildet einen neuen, von der Natur inspirierten, digitalen Arbeitsprozess für neue, zukunftsweisende Produkte.

Rapid Prothese