Test Systems for Body Worn Products

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System for measuring mechanical stress on body worn products

Evaluating and measuring mechanical stress on products worn on the human body such as orthoses, prostheses, shoes or other technical systems is a highly complex issue. Realistic testing requires an in-depth understanding of user behavior as well as of the test equipment implemented.

The group “Applied Biomechanics” focuses on optimizing current test methods as well as on developing new complex dynamic test systems for evaluating the mechanical function of single components or complete products. The tests are performed on customer request. 

To measure simple stresses, we perform tension / compression / 3-point bending tests. Force and position controlled tests are carried out on prostheses, orthoses, as well as shoes with a testing machine according to ISO 22675 and ISO 16955.

To simulate complex 3D motion profiles, we use a 6-axis robot. Individual human motion data and forces, which are recorded in our motion lab, are used for programming the robotic system. As a result, the robot can realistically emulate human motion patterns in a force- and position-controlled manner.


  • Execution of mechanical test series: functional, durability and strength tests in a controlled testing environment.
  • Testing body worn products and components using various test equipment and methods
  • Feasibility studies
  • Consulting on preparing test methods and performing test series
  • Development of mechanical test machines and processes according to customer requirements for evaluating body worn products, e.g. orthoses, prostheses, exoskeletons, footwear
  • Transfer of real human motion data to a machine to emulate user characteristics
  • Support in optimizing your product under realistic loads conditions


  • Fast, reliable test results through extensive testing know-how
  • Realistic testing using 3D kinematics and kinetics based on  measured biomechanical data
  • Prototypes are tested in the early development phase under real load conditions before studies are conducted with human subjects
  • High repeatability, reproducibility and comparability compared to studies with human subjects



3D Test Systems

Testing based on 3D biomechanical motion data.


Gait Simulation & Prosthetic Feet Testing

Testing prosthetic feet according to international standards.


Orthoses & Footwear Testing

Development of test dummies based on anatomical and biomechanical aspects.

    • Mechanical test lab with modular setups
    • Dynamic gait simulator (Shore Western KS2-07) according to ISO 22675
    • Hydraulic tensile/compression testing machine for material strength tests (Shore Western 301-1)
    • 6-axis robot Kuka Quantec
    • Various dummies designed according to biomechanical specifications e.g. foot with integrated sensors, hands, upper body, transtibial stump
    • Optical 3D motion capture system (Qualisys)
    • 3D motion capture system based on inertial sensors (Xsens)
    • Force plates for measuring 3D ground reaction forces (AMTI)
    • Various mobile pressure, force and moment sensors, e.g. for hand interaction or for prosthesis setups
    • Pressure distribution measurement with customized sensors