Pigments and Coatings

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In order to develop innovative coatings, innovative materials are needed. These are created in development cycles, starting with surface modification or the functionalization of fillers, pigments and binders, then adapting them to coating formulas and subsequently characterizing them in detail to optimize them and improve their efficiency.

Pigments and fillers that have proved to be effective in practice can be functionalized using a polymer precipitation process to modify their surface with nanoparticles or organic active ingredients. This creates added value to conventional pigments and fillers, giving the pigment, the respective coating and thus the coated product a higher practical value.


  • Concepts and developments for innovative particulate materials, composites and coatings


  • Surface design and engineering of fillers and pigments through targeted modification with organic or inorganic substances
  • Innovative constituents for functional, weather-resistant coatings
  • Analytics and clarification of relationships between materials and properties in composites/multi-layer systems

Customer benefits:

  • Innovative materials
  • Innovative coatings with special functions
  • Functionalization of surfaces with polymers, nanoparticles and organic active ingredients

Presentation »Corrosion Protection with Nanoscale Anticorrosive Pigments«

(European Coatings Award 2011)

Presentation »Monitoring of degradation process in automotive multilayer coatings«

(COSI 2012)

Presentation »Novel crosslinking additive for chemical resistant UV-curable clearcoats«

(RadTech 2013)

European Coatings Award 2011