Coating Systems and Painting Technology

Organic coating systems form the basis of the most economically important of all surface technologies. This is due to their flexibility and versatility. In January 2012 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, this led to the decision to merge the two departments “Coatings and Pigments” and “Painting Technology” into a single department. The aim behind this move was to develop end-to-end solutions for all issues related to the entire coating technology process chain. The department handles anything from small industrial contracts through to complex bilateral and consortium research projects. The topics and projects it deals with are highly varied, ranging from the development of new coatings and paint components, through coating application right up to the development, modelling and simulation of practicable production processes. We aim to improve application efficiency, shorten throughput times, achieve savings on energy and materials as well as develop new materials. We then help you implement and integrate our solutions, thus enabling you to significantly improve your process efficiency.


Pigments and Coatings

We implement a multi-step process that ranges from the manufacture of raw materials, such as pigments and binders, through to the development of new formulas and appropriate coating processes for substrates. This results in optimized development cycles and innovative coatings with special functions.


Applied Coating Technology

We conduct research on the structural properties of raw paint materials and implement practicable testing methods. This enables us to choose the "right chemistry" for pre-treatment and coating materials in order to meet demands as well as to develop optimum application and curing processes.


Analytics and Material Testing

We implement physical-chemical analysis programs to characterize/identify materials and to assess changes in materials due to temperature, time or stress. This allows us to find the cause of painting problems as well as to clarify or avoid coating errors.


Wet Application and Simulation Technology

We conduct analyses, further developments and tests on coating methods under realistic production conditions. Our excellently equipped pilot plant, which also includes painting robots, enables us to conduct practical tests as well as to apply conventional and novel coating materials.


Powder Application Technology

Coating products with organic powder paints is the most environmentally-friendly of all coating technologies and is also the most gentle on resources. The coating technology centre at Fraunhofer IPA is equipped with adaptable industrial-scale systems.


Painting Process Development

To operate cost-effectively, a painting company has to choose the right processes and systems to run its paint shop. Besides optimizing these processes, analysing weaknesses and developing in-line coating concepts, we also conduct experts assessments and technological assessments.


Accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018


Dispersing Technology Center

With its comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, the center covers the entire process chain of dispersion technology, from the development of basic scientific principles right through to industrial applications.


Particle Technology Center

The application center deals with relevant topics in the particle manufacture and processing with the corresponding work safety measures, as well as energy and resource efficiency and environmental protection.