Powder Application Technology

Coating products with organic powder paints is the most environmentally-friendly of all painting technologies and is also the most gentle on resources. The painting technology centre at Fraunhofer IPA is equipped with adaptable industrial-scale systems. The extended use of powder paints in the area of highly-productive and high-quality coatings calls for new design concepts for the application and closed-loop circulation process. Consequently, the R&D work we carry out under realistic production conditions in our powder coating centre focuses on the following topics:

  • High-efficiency and low-separation powder spray systems
  • Process-reliable closed-loop circulation of powder materials
  • Application of powder coatings to heat-sensitive or non-metallic components
  • High-speed coating without the use of guns (TransAppĀ® technique)


  • Characterization and optimization of paint atomization processes and paint transport
  • Comparisons of processes
  • New selective coating method without the need for masking
  • Substitution of conventional powder coating systems by ultra-compact, energy-efficient plants without spray units
  • Development of solutions for paint drying and curing processes that save time and energy
  • In-line process monitoring and control of pre-treatment and coating processes

Customer benefits:

  • Supplier-independent tests conducted by experts
  • Quality- and cost-optimized painting plants