Corporate Entrepreneurship

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Are you looking to step up innovation capabilities in your company and develop innovative products, services and processes? Companies that embrace corporate entrepreneurship have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors in dynamic markets, strengthen their market position and set new trends, rather than being affected by them.

Corporate entrepreneurship is a systematic and strategic approach to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in organizations. It involves developing resources and structures that enable risk-taking and encourage creative ideas. This can be achieved through both internal activities, such as adapting the organizational structure, and external activities, such as working with start-ups.


Cooperations with start-ups, investors and established companies

Established companies can benefit from start-ups as drivers of innovation, enabling them to develop new products, rethink established processes or incorporate innovative technologies. In turn, start-ups benefit from the industry knowledge, resources and entrepreneurial experience of their cooperation partners. However, these collaboration often fail because of different perceptions of the cooperation or because of the time and resources required. As a strategic partner and orchestrator of start-ups, established companies and investors, we help to shape collaborations in the best possible way.


Ecosystem members benefit from one another

We offer our partners exclusive access to high-tech solutions and commercial opportunities within our network and facilitate targeted, competence-based collaboration (technology matchmaking). We help start-ups to make the most of their ideas and innovations. We assist established companies in setting up and planning corporate entrepreneurship activities. This includes, for instance, helping them to select the best form of cooperation and to carry out assessments and performance measurements. In this way, also investors can further develop their existing portfolio.

Cooperation formats


We help you to develop internal and external CE concepts as well as to validate implementation plans. We offer a variety of project formats.

Is Corporate Entrepreneurship an interesting prospect for your company?

  • Scope: Half-day workshop
  • Procedure: Industry examples and experience reports provide impulses, ideas are methodically generated and prioritized, strategic alignment
  • Result: Overview of CE potential, ideas for CE strategy are developed

Are we on the right track?

  • Scope: Half-day workshop
  • Procedure: Requirements analysis, discussion of CE concept(s) & implementation plan, feedback on plan and approach
  • Result: Optimized deal flow from high-tech start-ups, matchmaking