Corporate Strategy and Development

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Taking a holistic approach to business, safeguarding the effectiveness of technological and organizational changes and making them visible - that is our core task.

In addition to developing strategic programs to digitize company processes, we also focus on systematically refining innovative business models, business ecosystems and smart organization.

We see ourselves as the link between the different specialist departments at Fraunhofer IPA. Through combining technology and organization, we offer new added value services.

Expertise and References


Value Transformation

You would like to develop your company through the usage of high-tech technologies? You would like to identify investment opportunities and digitization levers? Moreover, evaluate the potential for digitization?


Business Model Development and Innovation

What business model will I need in the future to develop new revenue streams and generate growth?


Digital healthcare

As a strategic development partner, we support the healthcare sector on the path to digital transformation.


Platform-based added value

As socio-technical systems, digital platforms provide a technical infrastructure that enables multiple users to interact with each other and conduct transactions in the context of products and services.


Process Innovation

Fast, flexible and efficient processes in the indirect areas of a company contribute significantly towards sustainable corporate success.


Smart Production

Disruptive technologies change global manufacturing systems and open up new competitive advantages. We help you to design your production of tomorrow so that you can meet the needs of your customers efficiently in the long-term.


Business Transformation

Fraunhofer IPA helps companies learn how to change and how to successfully implement change projects. We take a holistic view of the organization - the social system and how it is influenced by the technological and digital world.


Corporate Entrepreneurship

Are you looking to step up innovation capabilities in your company and develop innovative products, services and processes? Companies that embrace corporate entrepreneurship have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors in dynamic markets, strengthen their market position and set new trends, rather than being affected by them.