Energy-efficient technologies and processes

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Choosing the right technology and integrating it into processes is crucial to improving energy efficiency in production. The production plant, environment and all other relevant data and influencing factors are first analyzed in detail before making the selection. Special measuring devices are used to acquire energy consumption data. The analysis pinpoints any useful potential for synergies in the energy stream of various production processes; these can then be cleverly combined by selecting a suitable energy efficiency technology. More savings opportunities can often be identified through optimizing the individual process steps.

Our services:

  • Energy-oriented product and process development
  • Energy flow simulation
  • Concepts for using energy-related synergies in production
  • Energy conversion as part of the production process, e.g. power and heat cogeneration
  • Waste heat recovery in production
  • Measurement of energy flows (thermal, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Analysis of manufacturing machines and energy optimization